When it comes to wallets, handbags, and backpacks, we usually get uncomfortable and bulky items. Furthermore, they are often made from cheap materials that lack both quality and personality. Upon researching and finding more, we found it quite difficult to find the right wallets and backpacks.

Another important issue that we came across was that leather products often lacked the reliability that they were supposed to have. It was primarily because leather would be stitched with the use of sewing machines and it caused leather products such as wallets and backpacks to be quite vulnerable.

Thus, we turned up the gear and made it our goal to make hand-stitched leather products that would not only be comfortable and stylish to hold but also reliable enough to last years. We did not make the use of sewing machines to ensure quality. Although their use was cheaper and quicker, it did not deliver the quality that we required. Thus, instead of using sewing machines, we considered traditional sewing techniques and focused on the creation of leather products that were high in quality.

Our Leather

Actually, the quality of the final product relies significantly on the quality of leather. You can say that our commitment and dedication to quality begins with the selection of the right leather.
We make the use of crust leather skins and pull up the leather to craft our leather products. Both of these types of leather are recognized for their durability.

Hand Stitching

Hand stitching is what enables us to deliver quality products that exceed your expectations. We don’t make the use of sewing machines for stitching our products. You might think that it is quicker to use machines then why not?

Although sewing machines deliver quick results, they compromise in terms of quality. Their stitches are often weak and it causes leather products to unravel and break quickly.

In order to avoid these issues and create only reliable products, we consider hand stitching. This traditional technique allows us to create leather products that can last for years. No matter how you handle them, they continue to deliver an optimal experience.


You can say that craftsmanship lies at the core of BASHI Leathers. Every single product that we offer is hand-crafted and stitched. We believe that hand-stitching enables us to create highly-durable products. Therefore, we put our hardship and effort into the creation of leather products that are not only elegant but also reliable.

To us, customer satisfaction is critical. In fact, we have a belief that customer satisfaction is what allows us to achieve growth and it also enables us to succeed. Therefore, we are willing to do everything that ensures your satisfaction. This is the key reason why we have been working hard to craft leather products by hand and deliver reliable experience and optimal quality.