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Exceptional Handmade Leather Products

Hand Stitching and Quality

BASHI Leather delivers exquisite hand-stitched leather products that are designed and refined efficiently. In fact, each stitch illustrates high precision and class. Our team believes in quality and ensures to deliver the best.

Before the development of sewing machines, hand stitching was practiced by artisans for creating a variety of products. For early people, quality lied in how well a boot or a bag was stitched. If leather boots were stitched well, they would not only prove to be reliable but help them in overcoming obstacles along the way.

You might be wondering why we are depending on weaving and stitching by hand when we can just make the use of sewing machines. Actually, there is a significant reason for it.

Even though the use of sewing machines proves to be much cheaper and faster, a problem occurs when it works. For instance, when sewing machines are used, the bottom thread seems to interlock with the top threat. When this happens in a leather product, it creates a vulnerable or a sensitive part. This is often the part where leather product breaks. After all, these interlocked threats are attempting to cut each other.

To avoid this issue and ensure that our products last long, we make the use of saddle stitching, a traditional technique to stitch leather products. Furthermore, when we are saddle stitching, we make the use of a thicker thread that plays quite an important role in making strong stitches. Usually, when it comes to lock stitch that is made by a sewing machine, it unravels as soon as the thread breaks. In contrast, the saddle stitch continues to hold together even when the thread breaks.

Therefore, we make the use of saddle stitching to ensure high-quality leather products.

In the modern world, there are not many manufacturers that care about quality. In fact, they do not concern themselves with customer experience. However, with us, this is not really the case because to us, it is optimal customer experience and satisfaction that drive success. We care about the quality of our leather products so that customers can rely on them and consider them companions in their lives.

We know and understand that when it comes to leather products like backpacks, wallets, purses etc, customers seek reliability more than anything. Thinking about it, we are making their use almost every single day. Therefore, we need these products to have the potential of supporting our needs and our journey through the days.

Our handmade leather backpacks and wallets not only have the quality but also the durability that is required by you. You can use them without worrying that they will break or unravel.
Handmade Leather Products.

At BASHI Leather, every product is handmade. We are passionate about delivering hand-made products to our customers. In fact, every single product is stitched by hand. Our priority is to deliver quality that can satisfy our customers and that is why we do not rely on machines.

Instead, we make the use of traditional techniques to craft some of the best leather wallets, soft leather tote bags, and leather backpacks.

We put attention to every single detail and leave not even a little area to be vulnerable. We have the vision and objective of designing and making functional yet elegant leather products that can be used in daily lives.

Since we prioritize quality, we make sure to stick to our traditional techniques and crafting skills to ensure that all products are created to last. In fact, our products are capable of staying with you for a long period of time without making you experience any type of issue and problem. Our unique crafting style and our devotion to hand-stitching enable us to make products with charm, unlike other leather products.

Whether you desire a leather backpack or a soft tote leather backpack, you can rest assured that you will get a high-quality product that can meet your expectations. We assure you that your experience with us will be memorable. We aim to satisfy our customers and that is one of the key reasons why we are adamant about delivering only quality products that can offer a unique experience to our customers.

Customized Orders

We have expertise in handmade leather products ranging from backpacks to wallets. There are many customers who seek customized leather products. Therefore, for them, we have a unique product line of custom products. If you are one of the customers who want to add a personal touch to their wallets and backpacks, you can place your custom order and we will deliver a product that you really need.

In this product line, all soft leather tote bags, leather handbags, leather wallets, and leather backpacks are custom made and tailored to your requirements and preferences. Products can be tailored with your monogram, corporate logo, and your name. It is undoubtedly one of the best gifts that you can offer.

You just need to provide your instructions and we will craft your desired leather product according to them. Even though this product line is different, our priority of quality stays the same. Thus, you can rest assured because we will make sure to deliver the quality which we are renowned for. In fact, we will be sure to offer a product that can not only meet but exceed your expectations.